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- Our program specializes in high performance training and elite skill development for athletes during school hours.

- This program provides excellent coaching, training, and facilities

- We operate out of beautiful Delair Park in Abbotsford, BC.

- Our goal at Yale Secondary is to promote academic and athletic excellence

- This program is for athletes who are passionate about baseball and/or trying to play at the post-secondary level


Dates and Cost


- The Yale Baseball academy operates from the first day of the new school year in September until the end of Semester 1 in January. 

- We engage in approx. 80 training sessions, which are approximately 2 hours in length.

- The first 9-10 weeks of the semester are spent exclusively at Delair Park and on the field as much as possible with weather permitting.

- Once the calendar turns to November, the students will have 3 days a week at Delair for baseball specific training and 2 days a week at Yale in the weight room/classroom. 

- The cost of the program is $2,500.

- A $400 deposit will be due by June 15th of the prior school year.

- The rest of the payments are as follows: $700 each on September 1st, October 1st and November 1st